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The HPA480A Patient Trolley provides exceptional patient safety and comfort with a full selection of features that are designed to enable nursing staff to manoeuvre both the patient and the trolley with ease.

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Key Features Include:

  • An incredible 318kg (700lb) weight capacity.
  • 4 piece patient deck provides an unmatched range of motion across all patient positioning options.
  • Radiolucent Backrest with Upright Chest X-Ray Cassette Holder – as standard
  • Height Range: 530mm (21″) – 930mm (37″)
  • Fully electric powered with a simple 10 function handset providing caregivers and patients effortless repositioning.
  • Smooth gliding transportation – 200mm (8″) Castors & 5th Wheel mean the trolley can turn 360° within it’s own footprint.
  • Central Locking / Steering activation via large pedals, off centre, on all 4 sides.
  • Foldaway handles at the head end with an ergonomically contoured push bar at the foot end.
  • Flexible IV Options – Fold-away 3 stage IV Pole fixed at head end.  Detachable 2 stage IV pole stowed in the base.  4 integrated IV receptacles around trolley.
  • Oxygen Bottle Storage – Removable, upright holder at foot end.  Spare bottle storage in base.
  • Drainage (x2) & Urinary (x2) bag clasps located at foot and head ends.
  • Flexible power options include a 2.5m (98″) retractable power cable as well as an integrated battery (hot swappable functionality) which removes the inconvenience and urgency of plugging the trolley in to operate the functions.
  • Wall protection bumpers at all 4 corners.
  • Emergency CPR Release levers on both sides of head end will rapidly and safely lower the back rest to return the patient to the prone position.
  • Full length, foldaway side rails are made from hygienic and highly durable stainless steel and polypropylene.  Spring locking mechanism secures the side rails in an upright position with quick release activated via a yellow ball-headed lever which is easy to locate and easy to use.


Patient Trolley Specifications

Patient Weight Capacity 318kgs / 700lbs
Overall Width 810mm
Overall Length 2130mm
Litter Positioning
Trendelenberg/Reverse Trendelenberg 0-23° ± 2°
Emergency / CPR Release Yes – Both Sides at Head End
Backrest (Fowler) Angle 0-90° ± 2°
Electric Knee Gatch 0-45° ± 2°
Height Adjustment Range 530mm – 930mm
Foldaway Side Rails
Side Rails Height 480mm
Side Rails Length 1410mm
Foldaway Mechanism Spring Locking – Quick Release
Power Supply
Power Supply 110V – 220V
Retractable Power Cord Length 2500mm
Integrated Battery YES (Hot Swap Capability)
Electric Controller 10 Button on Flexible Cord
Lifting Columns
Brand / Model Timotion TL8 3 Stage Lifting Column
Max. Load: 2,000N each
Castors / Steering
Brand / Model Catis
Castor Diameter 200mm x 32mm
Load Capacity (per castor) 120kgs
Central Brake & Steer Foot Pedals 4 Locations – Off Centre
5th Wheel Steering Yes – Engaged at all 4 foot pedals
Dimensions: 1930mm x 640mm
Thickness: 80mm – Antimicrobial PE Foam
Cover Material: Polyester & Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Protection: Fireproof & Waterproof
Zipper: Fluid proof and concealed
Standard Accessories
Ergonomic Push Handles – Head End Yes – Foldaway
Ergonomic Push Bar – Foot End Yes
IV Pole Locations 5
Integrated Foldaway IV Pole Yes – 3 Stages
Removeable IV Pole (stowed in base) Yes – 2 Stages
Integrated Upright O2 Tank Holder Yes – Removable
Footboard Monitor & Document Tray Yes – Removable
Utlity Tray Yes – Below Headend
Drainage Bag Clasp Yes – 2
Urinary Bag Clasp Yes – 2

Downloads and Links:

Product Sheets: HPA480A Patient Trolley – Brochure

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