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Patient safety is a main concern to clinicians and an easy way to monitor patients is with wearable devices.

Wearable devices provide a safer and more comfortable monitoring experience, however the accuracy and usability of the device, and the reliability and security of wireless signal transmission can bring great challenges to clinical application. To meet these challenges Mindray developed the mWearTM wearable patient monitor which provides simplicity of clinical application in multiple scenarios.

mWear provides accurate and reliable multi-parameter monitoring including standard 3 lead monitoring for ECG, Sp02, NIBP, pulse rate, respiration rate and temperature. General health parameters can also be measured to monitor exercise, sleep time, rest, and falls.

Patients can be safely monitored in hospital or in the home and all data can viewed on a central monitoring system and connected to the facilities Electronic Medical Records.

Infinite care in every step forward

Refined product design and medical-grade algorithm give mWear the ability to enhance patient safety.

Refined design

  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • Complete wireless interconnection

Reliable design

  • IP22 Waterproof
  • Resistant to 48 kinds of disinfectants

Medical-grade monitoring

  • Multi-parameter monitoring
  • Innovative health parameters

Ring SpO2 sensor

  • Normal hand movement with greater comfort


Downloads and Links:

Product Brochure:Mindray mWear Patient Monitor Brochure