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MobiDoc MRI patient bed transport.

MRI Docking Cart | MobiDoc MRI

The MobiDoc antiferromagnetic docking cart allows secure and uninterrupted care for patients during intra-hospital emergency transports and MRI examinations. The operating features ensure that the MobiDoc and hospital bed can be maneuvered easily by a single person and the height adjustment facility makes it easier to transport patients in lifts. The docking system allows for quick, secure connection between the patient transport unit and the MobiDoc MRI.

MobiDoc MRI is a modular system that can be customised or retrofitted to hospital specific requirements using multifunctional accessories and special fittings.


  • 3 Tesla MRI eligibility
  • 2 height adjustable docking clamps
  • 4 aluminium rails 25 x 10 mm
  • Rugged aluminium rolling base construction with 4 braking double casters and electrostatic discharge
  • MobiDoc extends the transport unit by approx. 360-460 mm
  • W 660 x D 535 x H 1.700 mm


  • Infusion pole MRI
  • Articulated arm with tube holder MRI
  • Cylinder holder MRI
  • Tray for equipment cart MRI
  • Perfusor (infusion pump) holder 600 MRI
  • Rail clamp smart 25 MRI