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Derungs Opticlux Handheld Portable Medical Magnifying Examination Light for Dermatologists

Examination Light | Derungs Opticlux Hand

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The Derungs OPTICLUX Hand magnifier luminaire is one of the medical practitioner’s most valuable devices.

Organic Design with Ergonomic Comfort.

Swiss engineering at its finest!  As the world leader in healthcare lighting systems and accessories, Derungs combine smart illumination concepts with practical solutions.

Designed with first-rate performance and ergonomic comfort in mind, OPTICLUX Hand feels natural in the hand, being ergonomically designed for both left and right hand users.  At just 610 grams the OPTICLUX Hand is lightweight enough to be used for extended periods without fatiguing the user.

The inbuilt battery provides more than 3 hours of continuous use with convenient charging through a USB-C in it’s base.

A Robust Medical Magnifier Without Compare

Derungs OPTICLUX Hand provides the largest magnifying lens of any medical magnifying luminaire at 160mm in diameter.

Derungs Opticlux Hand portable medical magnifying examination light showing the 160mm scratch resistant acrylic lens with 3.5 dioptres for 1.9x magnification

The scratch resistant acrylic lens has 3.5 dioptres to provide 1.9x magnification.  This means that objects viewed under the lens appear almost twice as large as real life.

Outstanding Light Quality

Derungs OPTICLUX Hand features 40 state-of-the-art LED’s which provide medical doctors, dermatologists and veterinarians with a unique light output of 8,000 lux at 0.15m with a colour temperature of 6,500k.

This large, homogenous, daylight quality light field has excellent Colour Rendering with a CRI of  >95 = Accurate Colour Matching.

Step-less dimming is conveniently controlled via the keypad on the handle.

Derungs Opticlux Hand Keypad Controls continous dimming and medical wood's light controls for dermatology and veterinary examinations

Wood’s Light Variant Available

The Wood’s Light Version is recommended for optimal diagnosis of skin variations, lesions and pigment changes – The preferred choice of dermatologists and veterinarians.


      • Light Output:
    • 8,000 Lux
      • Colour Temperature
    • 6,500 Kelvins – Daylight White
      • Colour Rendering
    •  Ra >95 – Accurate Colour Matching
      •  Continuous Dimming
    •  Control via keypad on handle
      •  Lightweight
    •  610 grams
      • Internal Battery
    •  3+ Hours continuous use
      • Convenient Charging
    •  Via USB-C Interface on base
      • Ergonomic
    • Designed for left & right hand users
      • Warranty
    •  5 Years for all electrical components
      •  Approved Medical Device
    • Compliant with EN 60601-1

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