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John Hunter Hospital – VHM-P


Client:John Hunter Hospital
Products:GCX VHM-P Mounting Arm

DT Research AIO 22″ Computer

Product Features:VHM-P

  • Seamless, unibody construction
  • Swivel/tilt and pivot-tension adjustments and parallel linkage for consistent viewing angle
  • Handle grip that initiates, and arrests, the arm’s gas spring-assisted vertical movement
  • Eighty percent (approx.) of cabling is concealed
  • Covers can be easily removed and reinstalled
Product Page:GCX EMR Mounting Solutions
Product Features:AIO 22″ Computer

  • Built-in hot-swappable batteries
  • High contrast 22″ TFT-LCD, capacitive touch option
  • Fanless design; IP65 rated front panel with IPX2 rated enclosure
  • UL60601-1 certified
  • Anti-microbial enclosure
  • Dual HDMI video-out, up to 4K UHD resolution
Product Page:AIO 22″ Computer