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Zebra DS8100 healthcare scanner.

Handheld Scanner | Zebra DS8178

Categories: ICT & Carts, IT Hardware, Printers and Scanners



HPA is one of two companies in Australia that is in the Zebra PartnerConnect program Healthcare Specialization.

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The Zebra DS8178 is a premium cordless scanner that offers a superior wireless experience.

It won’t interfere with your network wireless and has continuous 24-hour scanning with exclusive battery charge gauge and can be used with iPads and iPhones as well as workstations on wheels.

It has a purpose-built housing specially designed to help prevent the spread of bacteria. The DS8178 scanner has flexible feedback modes including Night Mode and Vibrate and a paging button to easily locate the scanner. Patient safety is ensured with the green aiming spot avoiding blue wavelengths, which can potentially cause eye injury.

The scanner is ideal to mount on HPA Medication Carts and GCX Technology carts with Zebra printers.