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Effective compressions, sufficient blood flow lead to high-quality CPR

Safe and effective

  • Slow start, giving enough time to patient’s body for adaptation to compression and reducing the risk of fracture
  • 3D compression combines the advantages of cardiac pump and thoracic pump, decreasing the impact of compression
  • Extend the reach of care and allow for the treatment of the cause during CPR, for example, on the way to ECPR, sub-hypothermia, and PCI

Improved CPR quality

  • The slider and buckle system wraps securely around the patient’s chest to assure safe & high quality CPR

External controller monitor

  • Intuitive display of compression frequency, depth, mode, timer, pause duration, battery level, and Bluetooth connection
  • The adjustable parameters include compression frequency, depth, mode, date and time, data transfer, and language
  • The device can be easily accessed through USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi


  • Therapy modes – 30:2 and continuous compressions conform to the latest AHA and ERC resuscitation guidelines
  • External controller monitor – 3.5″ TFT colour screen with real-time feedback.  The device is easily accessible through USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Power supply – it is battery-driven, eliminating the need for gas supply and allowing for operation while charging
  • Light and portable – compact, lightweight at 3.5 kg, easy to carry with just one hand
  • IP33, Anti-shock – anti-interference, dust and water spray resistant, designed for out-of-hospital transport
  • RTCA/DO-160G approved for use in helicopter


Application can be in emergency care, intra-hospital and out-of-hospital transports, intensive care units for adult patients experiencing acute circulatory arrest.