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ALFA Battery System

DC PLUS Battery System

DC PLUS is a safe high powered and self-contained long-lasting power management system which is ideal to run computers and peripherals on workstations on wheels. The modular battery cell pack allows for easy onsite maintenance, upgrade or renewal of EOL systems.
DC PLUS has an extraordinary run time of up to 28 hours and uses space-age cell matching and balancing algorithms to ensure cells charge and discharge evenly to provide long cell life and management.

For mobile EMR applications including:

General WardOutpatient Clinics
ICUEmergency Departments
Medication RoundsMedical Imaging
Operating TheatresAged Care


  • Slimline, fanless and robust design
  • Up to 28 hours of operational run time
  • 4 hour charge covers two shifts requirements
  • Efficient DC:DC technology saving up to 30% of battery capacity to extend runtime, battery life and reduce charging, and environmental impact
  • LCD display with remaining runtime and battery capacity information
  • Front or rear-mounted
  • Plug-n-play
  • Industry-leading capacity warranty


Dimensions:260 x 351 x 105 mm
Weight:7.7 kg
Certifications:IEC 62133-2:2017 battery safety testing

Upgrade existing Workstation on Wheels Fleet

Upgrading an existing GCX or Humanscale workstation on wheels to the DC PLUS Battery System can be done on site in half an hour. Save money, landfill and time by supercharging your fleet to the latest mobile power technology.

The DC PLUS Battery System efficiency, long capacity warranty, modularity and cell pack exchangeability, add up to a significant system cost saving over a cart life versus main competitors.

Downloads and Links:

Product Sheets:DC PLUS Battery System