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Australia’s Aged & Healthcare sector has responded to the threat of COVID-19 with a range of actions designed to prevent the virus from entering their facility and infecting their resident populations.

The use of PPE, up-skilling staff in infectious disease training, in-depth cleaning protocols and restricting visitor access are based on preventing cross contamination via close contact however they don’t adequately diminish the threat of airborne infectious particles from traveling in the air, into adjoining corridors, rooms and air conditioning systems.

Whilst Australia has outperformed most other countries in this response the numbers of aged care and healthcare workers that have become ill themselves is distressing and demonstrates there is still a lot more that can be done to protect our frontline workers.

Biosafety 2.0

Provides instant additional biocontained wards for highly infectious diseases. It allows hospitals to rapidly increase capacity to manage infectious patients in a temporary and reversible manner and the modular system can be deployed from one to hundreds of beds. The robust construction and bespoke design suits any hospital layout and can be fitted with access control and connected to the fire safety system.

Mitigating airborne biological risks for healthcare workers and patients

The AGEMA solution, due to its air renewal system and the created negative pressure for the room, ensures a high speed reduction of airborne contaminants (90% reduction in 3 minutes) and most importantly, ensures no airborne contaminants go into the corridor or adjoining rooms.


  • Constant 12 ACH as per BSL 3 & 4
  • H14 filtration
  • Very low noise level
  • Very low energy consumption


  • Ventilation unit
  • Automatic, toughened glass doors for antechamber
  • Custom-fit room door replacement
  • Door filters
  • Viewing panel


  • Room pressure monitoring
  • Filter loading monitoring
  • Filter gasket integrity auto-test
  • Constant volume control and monitoring
  • Options to report to hospital BMS, cloud access and Co2 sensor