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Anaesthetic Machine | A7

Precise Control and monitoring

  • A full range of ICU grade ventilation modes meets your demands through all the stages of anesthesia.
  • A digital gas mixer makes fresh gas flow easier and more precise, with a safe low flow by Optimiser 

Visible Anesthesia

  • A7 comes with the functions of AA Prediction, O2 Prediction and Lung Recruitment. NMT monitoring for optimal time of intubation
  • Visual Self-test and Smart Alarm to simplify complicated operation steps and provide the real-time graphic information
A7 NMT monitoring
Lung Recruitment NMT Monitoring

Unparalleled User Experience

  • Intuitive Flat Menu User Interface with 15” display
  • Complete Touch & Beyond
  • Easy FGF Adjusting
Fully Touch & Key-Free Touch Pad Digital Gas Mixer Automatic backup Flowmeter