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Integrated Solution, Together and Stronger


AnaeSight is an integrated solution for combined intravenous-inhalational anaesthesia that connects anaesthesia machines, patient monitors, and pumps. This brings greater convenience to operations and more confident decision-making, significantly improving the safety and efficiency of anaesthesia.

  • Centralised control: Anaesthesiologists can remotely control the pumps through the anaesthesia machine, adjusting intravenous and inhalational anaesthetics on the same interface
  • Combined drug effect: AnaeSight features the innovative eMAC™ indicator, based on published pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics models, assisting with the administration of anaesthetic drug
  • Integrated assessment: multi-parameter assessment of anaesthesia status can be displayed on the same window


Screen size : 18.5 inch​

Electronic flow meter​ (digital mixer)​


Screen size : 15.6 inch​

Mechanical flow meter​ (digital display)​

Integrated ventilation tech for tubeless anaesthesia

Discover the extended safe apnoeic oxygenation benefits of high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) oxygen, particularly beneficial for patients with challenges like poor oxygen saturation, including bariatric, paediatric, critically ill, or difficult airway cases.Explore the benefits of jet ventilation in shared airway surgeries and challenging airway scenarios. Enhance patient safety by ensuring continuous oxygenation for a clearer surgical field.

More Flexible, More Reliable

  • Screen size: A7 – 18.5″, A5 – 15.6″
  • Capacity touch screen with 1920*1080 HD
  • Rotatable (360°) and tiltable (60°) for better angle of view
  • Integrated breathing system to reduce condensation to a minimum by the heating system
  • Modular and flexible design to meet the different requirements inside and outside the operating room
  • Optional CO2, AG, BIS modules

15.6 inch capacitive screen (A5)

Integrated breathing system

What’s more:

  • Brand new hardware design – small footprint, larger workspace
  • Neat cable management to avoid clutter
  • Scalable with other devices, compatible with the Mindray modular patient monitor to reduce the cost