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32″ 4K Medical Display | OR-MD 32 4K

This 32” TFT-display with UHD resolution and front glass pane has a closed aluminum housing, all-round viewing angle and has been engineered for permanent 24/7 operation. The OR-MD 32 4K is configurable with a variety of digital interfaces and is ideal for operating theatres and intensive care units. If required, two different signal sources can be displayed in full resolution at the same time.
Some possible applications include, endoscopy, microscopy, radiology or a second screen for various medical devices.


• Completely closed aluminum housing
• Engineered for permanent 24/7 operation
• Internal 32” UHD display with all-round viewing angle
• Superior image quality
• Hygienic design
• Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels

Certified EN 60601-1:2013 (Ed.3.1) and EN 60601-1-2:2016 (Ed. 4), Medical electrical equipment – General requirements for basic safety and essential performance. Collateral standard – Electromagnetic compatibility – Requirements and tests.