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Improving Single Source Procurement in Healthcare

Imagine a healthcare procurement process that’s as streamlined and efficient as working with a trusted mortgage broker or recruitment agency. One supplier could handle your diverse needs while providing ongoing support and advice, creating a lasting partnership. While no single supplier can cover everything, what if there was a company that operated like a broker or agency, capable of sourcing additional products and services while maintaining a single point of contact?

In healthcare, the unique requirements of each facility may vary, but the advantages of adopting a consolidated procurement approach remain consistently compelling. Whether you operate in the realms of theatres, wards, ICT, the biomedical department, or administration, the profound positive impact of partnering with a single company for procurement and services will be noticeable. Consider these scenarios:

Upgrading Operating Theatres:

When upgrading your operating theatres, you typically require capital equipment such as operating tables and theatre lights, pendants, digital integration, anaesthetic machines, patient monitors, and wall-mounted medical-grade computers. Partnering with a single supplier for all these products offers numerous advantages:

Enhanced Workforce Efficiency: Your entire team benefits from a coherent and integrated solution including subject matter & product experts, project facilitation, and change management.

Simplified Procurement: Your procurement team interacts with only one contact, simplifying the purchasing process.

Streamlined Invoicing: Accounts can centralise all invoices, reducing administrative overheads.

Efficient Support: All service and support requests can be conveniently logged through a single portal, improving issue resolution times and minimisation of downtime.

Digitising the Workforce to Support an EMR:

When transitioning to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, you need hardware to support the software. This includes handheld computers, workstations on wheels, wall-mounted medical-grade computers, and EMR integration, including nurse call and duress systems. A unified supplier approach offers several benefits:

Seamless Integration: All components seamlessly integrate with each other, reducing compatibility issues.

Enhanced Mobility: Handheld computers and mobile workstations provide mobility and flexibility for healthcare professionals.

Centralised Support: Accessing support and assistance becomes more convenient via a single portal.

Hospital to Home Monitoring:

For hospital-to-home monitoring, you require a central monitoring system and unobtrusive wearable monitoring devices, all of which integrate with the EMR. Here’s how a consolidated procurement approach can help:

Holistic Monitoring: A single supplier ensures compatibility and comprehensive monitoring across different devices, from when a patient first walks in to when they are given the all-clear whether it be in the hospital or the home.

Efficient Record Keeping: Centralised procurement simplifies record-keeping and reduces the risk of errors.

Unified Support: Managing support requests through one portal makes it easier to track and address issues promptly.


By embracing a single source procurement strategy in healthcare, you not only streamline your processes but also build stronger, long-term partnerships with suppliers who understand your unique needs. The result is a more efficient, cost-effective, and responsive healthcare system that benefits both patients and providers whilst providing an environment that is attractive to clinicians.

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In cases where your specific needs fall outside our primary areas of expertise, we collaborate with trusted partners for complex software solutions and seamless system integration.