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HPA deploy Zebra handheld computers at Northern Hospital

The newly launched Ramsay hospital, Northern Private Hospital Epping, in Melbourne’s North Epping, is generating considerable excitement with its cutting-edge technology aimed at minimising ambient noise. Spearheading this initiative are advanced solutions such as:

  1. Zebra Technologies TC52 Handheld Computers: These state-of-the-art handheld devices deployed by HPA are revolutionising staff-patient interactions and intra-team communication. With messaging and alerts sent directly to these handhelds, relevant staff members can promptly respond to patient alarms, streamlining the care process efficiently without disturbing other patients.
  2. Mindray Patient Monitors: Northern Private Hospital Epping boasts Mindray patient monitors, including the innovative N1 transport monitor. This technology seamlessly integrates with the N series monitors, ensuring continuous patient monitoring across different stages of their hospital journey. By accompanying patients throughout their hospital stay, these monitors uphold the highest standards of care and safety.

This blend of technological advancements underscores Ramsay Hospital’s commitment to delivering superior healthcare services, characterised by enhanced efficiency, communication, and patient-centred care. HPA stands as a proud contributor to this ground breaking project and eagerly anticipates continued collaboration in harnessing innovative technology to push the boundaries of healthcare excellence.

Watch the Channel Nine News report.