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Flo Monitor Arm


Flo is the latest in a long line of industry leading monitor supports from Colebrook Bosson Saunders. Utilising clear spring technology, it provides the greatest range of articulation of all 'dynamic' monitor arms and will support its full weight range of screens more reliably, economically, and easily than any of its competitors. Flo provides easy fingertip adjustability which makes it the ideal solution for today's modern office, while the visual indicator ensures consistency and time saving when optimising Flo to the screen weight.

Accessories available: Tablet mount

The CBS Tablet Mount has been designed to securely house all three generations of iPad. CBS’ iPad mount has been optimised for use with the Flo monitor arm but features VESA 100 holes for attachment to any suitable device. The feet and cam lock have been designed to provide minimal visual intrusion on the tablet. The cam lock also provides theft deterrence for tablets left on workstations.


The Flo is an ultra-sleek, minimalist monitor arm which features an internal Geometric Spring System for ultimate and dynamic monitor articulation 

Provides optimum performance with a minimum number of parts 

Unique visual indicator gauge allows you to adjust and set the tension - speeds up the installation of multiple units 

Enormous range of adjustability from a seated position, making it easy to use and is multi-user/ touchscreen friendly

Composed of 54% recycled material and is 99% recyclable

Arrives pre-assembled for simple installation



        Weight Capacity- Up to 9 kgs
        LCD Size- Up to 24"
        Tilt- 80 ˚ up/ down

        Rotation- 90° for portrait / landscape viewing
        Pan- 90 ˚ left/right

        Lift- 341 mm

        Arm Extension-515 mm
        Colour- Black, Silver, White
        Display Compatibility- VESA 75/100 mm


Mounting Options

        Desk clamp- for desk <67 mm thick

        Bolt through- for desk <75 mm thick

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