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EMR Mounting Solutions

Bring digital information into your daily workflow with customisable EMR mounting solutions. Facilitate your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) initiatives with GCX mobile, wall-mounted, and counter top mounting solutions. They are designed to support a range of IT devices—monitor, computer laptop or tablet, mouse, keyboard, and more—so you can incorporate digital health records right at the point of care.

GCX equipment helps ensure your facility’s EMR initiatives won’t disrupt your workflow or take your focus off of patient care. You'll still seamlessly perform various essential functions even as you interact with patients.

All GCX hardware can be adjusted in a variety of ways, enabling every medical professional to work comfortably and efficiently.

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By dedicating ourselves specifically to the medical industry, we have been able to develop a unique understanding of the interaction between medical devices, users, and healthcare environments. We partner with you to create products that are utilized in virtually all healthcare settings, to provide secure positioning, mobility, and ergonomic access to medical devices and computer hardware.

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