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Living Office Healthcare

Herman Miller Healthcare illustrates how its research and insights come together to create thriving environments for working and healing through Healthcare Living Office. Healthcare Living Office is a holistic, human-centered approach that helps everyone working across a health system customise their methods, tools, and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose. The result is a more natural and desirable place to work, and heal, that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

"We further the goals of health systems—operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and increased quality of care—when we support the work of caregivers with settings that enable them to do their best for patients," said Louise McDonald, President, Herman Miller Healthcare. "By reimagining the caregiver to include a wider care team—essentially everyone in the health system—we support integrated care and the new ways that work is occurring in healthcare."

New Landscape of Healthcare
Recently, the pace and extent of changes in the industry have prompted healthcare systems to evolve the ways they work. Four key trends shaping the new landscape of healthcare are altering the work of caregivers:

  • A shift from inpatient to outpatient care—lower cost settings brings resources closer to the community.
  • A shift from fragmented to connected—Coordinating care across the health system yields a consistent patient experience because providers are connected and working together.
  • A shift from volume to value—Reimbursements are shifting from fee-based, which promote quantity, to value-based, which emphasize quality.
  • A shift from Physician to Care Team—A team approach can help manage costs and improve care.

Herman Miller Healthcare

Herman Miller Healthcare can work with customers to create a Healthcare Living Office that addresses this changing landscape, helping everyone across the entire health system work well, get well, and live well.